Looking closely, in almost everything we do, we are actually selling. Here are some Examples:

If you want to eat at McDonalds and you ask your friends to join you, you’ve already sold them.

After graduating, you go and look for a job. If you want to get hired by a multi-National company, how will they notice you? Lets say there are 50 applicants for the position you are vying for, who are they going to choose? The cutest person? I don’t think so. The only way they will notice you is if you know how to sell yourself. In fact, the main purpose of a resume is to sell your credentials to prospective employers.

This next example might turn off the pious. There are Pastors in some churches (of course not in Victory) who make you want to take a nap after preaching for just 5 minutes. And then there are other Pastors who can preach for over an hour and yet still have his congregation gasping for more. What’s the difference? The other pastor knows how to sell. He knows that it is his job to sell his conviction that his audience needs God in their Life.

For those who are married, your partner was sold to the idea that you are the right one for him/her. Or for some your partner thought that you’re wealthy. After marriage, they found the cold hard truth. Marriage is buying into the life of a person. For those who feel its taking them too long to attract the right person, maybe it’s because you don’t know how to sell how wonderful you are.

I can go on and on and on…

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