What is the best way to establish your reputation with a client? What is the fastest way to make a mark in your organization? What is a sure fire way to get people jump aboard your bandwagon to build trust the fastest? The answer… Deliver Results! Competence is about Delivering Results.

Being in the office from 9 to 5 doesn’t make someone valuable to his company. There is a big difference between working long and working hard. Working hard doesn’t always necessarily mean working long and vice versa.

You see, you can finish a week’s worth of work in just a few hours if you know how to work hard on the things you need to work hard on. Get it?

If you’re an employee, I’m not saying that you should work fewer hours than what your company demands of you. What I’m saying is that you should focus on work that produces results not activity.

“Activity makes one a busy body while Results brings about productivity.”

Apply that principle in your business then your 40 to 50 hour work week will multiply many times over.

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